Appreciate Diversity.
Foster Empathy.


We believe traditional education doesn’t give students the opportunity to fully explore the value in different perspectives and beliefs. Diversity Discovered’s resources, a product of meticulous review by a team of academic professionals, pushes students to appreciate the diverse gamut of cultures and perspectives found in our communities.



Hear what educators have to say about Diversity Discovered...

Dr. Marybeth Gasman

Samuel DeWitt Proctor Endowed Chair in Education at Rutgers University

Diversity Discovered provides culturally rich and challenging educational resources to schools… Their materials are essential to interactive learning and allow students to see themselves and others in the curriculum.

Jennifer Durante

Middle school educator and reading specialist

Diversity Discovered is a must have teaching tool... It educates students thoroughly and gives them a real life connection to many cultures, races, experiences and perspectives.

Lisa Romano

Assistant principal and literacy specialist

At a time when students and teachers alike are in search of instructional resources and learning activities in support of diversity and anti-racism, Diversity Discovered offers schools the tools with which to take a deep dive into Historical Literacy.