What We Do

"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."
- Maya Angelou

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill in students a pattern of open-mindedness by distributing literature and curriculum focused on inclusivity and exploration of different cultures and communities.

We believe traditional education doesn’t give students the opportunity to fully explore the value in different perspectives and beliefs.

The Problem

Research on modern education and classroom environments notes a deficit in student exposure to and exploration of different cultures, perspectives, and circumstances. When we cultivate this exposure, students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to function in an increasingly diverse and complex society. It fosters empathy and creativity, and combats prejudice.

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Our Solution

At Diversity Discovered, we write lesson plans and compile books centered around inclusivity and cultural awareness for middle school students. We package all these resources into a “box,” which we send to classrooms completely free of charge. Through our curriculum and selected literature, students engage with firsthand accounts of the diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives that surround us.

We have worked hard to build curriculum that stimulates academic engagement and open discussion around the ideas of inclusivity and tolerance.